Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have had writers block, a running slump and a crazy last week! End of the semester yields little time for much else.

Last week was NO sleep and bad runs :/ I drove 3 plus hours one way for a job interview, drove back at 6 the next day, went to class, went to a concert that night. I danced a little too hard and WAS sore, but was the concert ever good!! I love Miranda and Eric Church :)

I had not gone out in a long time so this was a welcome night out even if it left me completely drained for days. I slogged through runs at 9:40s or higher which is uncharacteristic of me until Saturday when I ran 8 miles and put on PJs for the rest of the day. This is what I did all day.

(all images from Google Images)

Ramona and Beezus was REALLY good, Charlie St Cloud you can't go wrong it's Zac!! And Nebraska Football was the sorriest excuse for football I'd seen in a while. Argh!

I am praying I get my running mojo back soon. There is nothing wrong with 9:40s or higher, but it is so uncharacteristic of me. I am usually in the 915-930 and these higher numbers are really bringing me down and burning me out.

I would like a few things from readers if possible ;) I would like to know what I can do now to help me get to a BQ in May and or any Triathlon beginner plans? I am also wanting to embark on this sooner rather then later. Maybe that would be the mental break I need? Until then I will keep running through my slump, riding horses and lifting which is bringing unrealized joy :D

Love you all and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Looong Week and Lessons Learned on a Death March 20

Hi guys! I did not intentionally stay away from you for a week, but things have been crazy. End of the semester does that. Everyone turns into frazzled mess ala B Spears here. Caffeine in hand and no energy to even use a brush!

I also have received some very bad news I have been processing which led me to no creative juices, plus a bad football game loss for baby bro just has a yielded a high stress frying week!

How do I decompress? I run and when that doesn't work I ride :)

So last week was a lot of time on horseback and some running.

And here is what I learned yesterday running during the death march 20 as I'm calling it.

1) 6 20+ mile runs in a 2 1/2 month span is hard on the body especially when your first 20 EVER was the first 20 of that cycle. Yes this means I've done one roughly every other week since September 1.

2) Running when you wake up feeling naseuas, drained and like a gigantic elephant is sitting on your chest will yield shortness of breath and generally no energy. Just say no and go back to sleep.

3) RECOVER. I never allowed my body to recover post marathon. 2 weeks later I did a 20 mile run. Of course my body is sore, sick and tired. It is DONE!!

4) Pick a flat route :) KC is deceptively hilly. It is a hard run and when you are already unmotivated you will die painfully on a hill.

5) When your run is 2 minutes off your pace and 2 miles shorter then planned still yields major soreness or exhaustion, you know this means it is time for a break so listen!

Yes, this week I promise to go easy. I will try not to do another 20 before January. I will try not to run over 16 before then too. I will swim more this week maybe bike some, but it is not the end of the world if I don't hit 40+ miles this week. I AM NOT IN TRAINING!! I need to remember that. Yes, I have a half coming up, but I'm running marathon miles. So this is my pledge I will take it easy and I will give my body the break it's screaming for because emotionally, physically and mentally I'm drained.

How do you decompress when you are stressing out? How do you get your running legs back after a big race?

P.S How do I respond better to comments with blogger? I am just not thrilled that unlike wordpress it doesn't have an email button, but I don't think anyone is coming back to read if I comment in the comments? Know I do read and appreciate them! I also check our your blogs, just don't have time to comment all the time :) Love you all!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gone Veggie!!

This semester may kill me, I am exhausted constantly. Why? Because 18 hours is HARD. Especially when you put projects off until the end of the semester. 5 more weeks though and I'll be a college graduate with no plans for the future :) Not ideal seeing as you know I live at home, but what do ya do?

So after my first marathon I decided I needed to get healthy. I was tired of eating poor furry, feathery creatures out of convenience. I have watched Food Inc. I don't like where our food system in this country has gone. I wish I could eat all organic and or local, but unfortunately I'm living on my parent's dime and they are not as committed to it as am. As it is though, I eat the bulk of my food organic and whole.

I was also tired of eating junk. I have successfully not eaten sugar for a week and vegetarian for one or two. I was vegetarian for MANY years and vegan for maybe 6-8 months last year? The problem is I am TIRED of peanut butter. I know there are plenty of other options, but peanut butter is just the easiest and most convenient thing to eat! What suggestions do you have for something quick, easy and not too high in calorie to eat on the go? Being a college student I have days where I am NOT home, so I'm literally grabbing and going! I don't want to go back to meet, but I have to admit grabbing a hunk of meat (gross words there) was a lot easier sometimes!

Running is going OK. I have decided I want to rest up until after the first of year which means focus on weights, swimming and enjoying myself then go for a BQ! Yes, that would mean a 26 minute PR, but surely I can do it?

What spring races are good for a BQ? I am debating Lincoln right now just because it's flat, but it is in May so could be hot which spells DISASTER for me.

It's BQ or bust in the spring. Summer I'm hoping to finally try a triathlon. I want to cross off some major life goals next year. I just found out some scary news about a friend and all I can say is Carpe Diem, you only get one life, live it to its fullest. Even the most unathletic can accomplish goals with enough hard work and dedication!

What do you want to accomplish in the next 6 months, year?

What do you vegetarians eat on the go? Help me please!

Peace, Love, Good Runs!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter Running Gear

Oh yes it has gotten COLD here in the Midwest. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 20s when I run :( I despise the heat, but I don't particularly enjoy the cold either, can't we just have nice temperate weather? Oh well I am just grateful I get to see the changing seasons! I've also seen Bambi and his parents on a run recently which was too much fun!

(image from Google)

So what do we do in this blustery cold to stay warm? Despite many attempts to eat my way into enough body fat to stay warm, I have admitted defeat and must defer to warmer clothes.

My biggest problem was PANTS. Running tights have been too tight around the ankle making my foot go tingly and numb... Um not a good idea when you run in the dark....stumbling... on shoulders with pot holes. Ya kinda need your feet right? So enter the ultimate running tight.

These tights are amazing. They zip at the bottom meaning that you can roll them up should you warm up and you can control the tightness. They have a drawstring so no falling down around the ankle issues either. They are soft and warm. I am asking for another pair or two for Christmas because they are all I'll wear now. Also they are not 100 dollars which fits well in my college budget. They are still pricy, but far from what the other tights out there are running.

I bought this shirt on a whim. I loved the color, it was super soft. I fell in love (as I do with everything in Lucy!). It is a great shirt for mid-weather. I wouldn't say it is the warmest shirt I own, but I still really like it. I wouldn't wear it below freezing, but in those in between days this is perfect.

This is my FAVORITE hoody! I bought it last year and wanted to buy them in every color. It is REALLY warm. I ran all last winter in sub zero with just this, an Under Armour cold gear shirt and a vest. No coat needed with this hoody! It is WARM. Truly, the best $50 you will ever spend. I wore this from football games to running and was never cold. So if you live in the icy Midwest this is a must buy. Again this is expensive, but in the grand scheme of workout clothes (cough Lululemon cough), it isn't that bad plus you will fall so in love with it you may never take it off!

Now, I usually layer these with either a reversible Under Armour long sleeve shirt or I put on a cold gear one. They are pretty generic and everyone knows them so I won't link to them. Nike makes something similar, I just prefer Under Armour. I also have an Under Armour Ninja Hood and gloves that I am in LOVE with. The hood is hard to breathe in, but to still have a nose when it is all said it done is a good thing! The gloves are running gloves, polarfleece and contain a pocket for your key. Yes, I love Under Armour and think I should be sponsored by them ;)!

Now guys NO excuses, you have the gear to stay warm despite the blustery weather. You CAN run this winter even if it is cold and icy. You are STRONG, you are a RUNNER! And if worse comes to worse try what my ultra marathon friend does and drink pumpkin spice lattes while running ;) He claims it will keep you warm all night.

And if you need even further motivation sign up for the Bootie Buster Challenge!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Golden Rule

HI GUYS!! Recovery yea never happened ;) Did 20 on Sunday was a bit rough and SLOW, but I finished and that was what is it important. It was a MUCH rougher course than I am used to running, but when a friend is in need I must answer. I try to live by the golden rule. I knew that if I was doing 20 I would want a friend to go out and do it with me. This is her first marathon and was her first 20. She said she could do it alone, but I knew that 20 miles was HARD to do alone. I never would have made it through without my amazing running partner. I wanted to give her the same treatment.

I will say we both were off on math and finished over a mile away from the house. We both thought about sobbing on the street corner, but after a creepy guy in a pick up truck blew us a kiss, we trudged on. We knew we couldn't outrun anyone, but we dang sure could out hobble ;) Luckily, her friend drove by and took us back to the house. I don't know about ya'all, but all of a sudden hitch hiking looks like a good idea, asking for a cell phone ANYTHING looks good because you don't want to walk that far UPHILL after running 20 miles UPHILL. Luckily, we finished none the worse for wear and I was happy I could help her even if I was dying myself (although I tried to not let it show!).

My next race is the White Rock Half in Dallas. I have family there and lived there all summer. It is HIGH time I get back to see everyone! I debated the marathon, but in my heart I know that I couldn't give it everything. My body is not quite ready for that distance again and that is OK. I would like to do it again to prove I could, but that is a bad reason. I want to enjoy my time with my family eat a Twisted Root burger and just chill out right before Finals.

And yes I am in fact coming back the day of my hardest final. Do I think that this weekend will help me pass? Probably not, but life is too short right. Carpe Diem!

This week I will do a gear review of the goodies I found at the KC expo, the new running tights I bought and LOVE and am trying to do creative budgeting to buy another pair. I will also talk about why I am going back to being a vegetarian. Last week was INSANE. This week is GOOD meaning more posts for you!

So guys the golden rule do you live by it?
And what is one positive thing about the day? I got to run with people I hadn't run with in a while and got to hear about one friend winning the female division of her FIRST ultra on Sunday!

We did that exercise last night at Girls on Track Practice... It was a struggle, but they could immediately think of something negative. This is a direct indication that we need to change how we look at life. Even a bad day has sunshine!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marathoning- Is It Healthy?

Let me preface this by saying that I am going CRAZY without the long runs. I struggled through 7 miles yesterday. I do mean STRUGGLED. I am getting so frustrated when I'm stressed without my high inducing runs. I find that running is the healthiest thing for me, it grounds me and centers me in a way that no other form of exercise has been able to do. I can not lay in Savasana and meditate my way into a clear mind, but I darn sure can run into one! I have been super stressed with school and I miss running. My body has never been stronger and I have never been stronger as an individual. A huge chunk of me is missing right now without something to train for. I have what can only be called the post marathon blues :/ Ready to sign up for another! At least I have the half at White Rock to look forward to!

I opened up my internet browser to MSN today and this article popped up on the front page. This article angers me on many accounts. It is saying that heart damage is a proven side effect of marathon training, yet I know people who have had heart surgery that run ultra marathons! I think we all know that running can be hard on our bodies no doubt, but I really find it difficult to believe that a heart problem is a rampant problem with marathoners.

This study should not have even been published because in my mind it was not conducted well enough to bring into a general public problem. There were only 20 people looked at into this study set to represent the approximately 468,000 marathoners that Marathon Guide reported in 2009. I don't know about you, but if someone is making generalized health claims I think that I would want more people surveyed to look at the health risk! I would not try a new medication that only 20 people had tried, I don't think I'll take medical advice for it too!

Second, this study said they had various ages surveyed, but they never mention underlying health issues they may have. They also do not say how many of the sample were in their 20s, 30s and so on. This does make a difference because we know as we age that we are more prone to heart disease. If this study was conducted with mainly older marathoners that could drastically skew the results.

Third, this study did not look at other factors. What was the weather like that day hot or cold? We all know temperature extremes can make a difference in how our bodies react to the marathon. What was the elevation like? Going uphill is a big difference from a net downhill course! There are a multitude of extenuating factors that can contribute to physical ailments in a marathon other then the distance itself.

This study is trying to look at why people have been dying of heart attacks in races. I understand that this has been occurring more, but could it be because more people are running marathons now? Could it be related to body fat percentage? We all know that elite runners are some of the leanest athletes out there perhaps that low body fat is putting more stress on their hearts? There is no way to tell why this is occurring, but we need to remember that it get sensationalized in the media. There are almost half a million marathoners and the bulk majority do not die of heart attacks, but finish on a euphoric high knowing that they achieved what they thought was impossible.

Tell me what you think is marathoning dangerous for our health?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Things Thursday- Recovery Edition

As a new marathoner I had NO idea how to properly recover from this marathon. I went into this blissfully unaware of the soreness that could erupt from running over 26 miles. I avoided showering until 4 the day after because there were 15 stairs separating me from the shower. Trust me I felt EVERY one of them. I have now learned things from this and here are three pearls of wisdom for you.

1) Massage. Don't be tough, schedule the massage. I was naively thinking that I had little soreness during training so I wouldn't need one the Monday after. Let me tell you I was calling near tears wanting a massage for my hamstring knot the size of Alaska. If you can not afford a massage, go to a school, if not then dump your significant other and marry one. Trust me in the end you made the right decision. I am in fact looking for a personal masseuse to follow me around, I would like another rub down like um now.

2) Respect your body. I am a tough girl who does not like admitting defeat or that I need rest. I stupidly ran 2 days afterwards. I proceeded to run again the next morning. I am still sore with something going on in my low back/glute area. I do recommend more rest than I gave myself, but I did do 5 miles on a perfect fall evening tonight and feel OK. I am definitely going to take it easier this week than originally planned. I suggest ya'all do the same. In fact, I'm going to try trail running this weekend to give my body a break from the asphalt.

3) Watch the credit card. I am currently sitting her debating signing up for an ultra despite never trail running, a half marathon in December or a full marathon in December. I am not sure what I am going to do next, but I do know I need to budget a bit more wisely. I am going shopping at Lululemon tomorrow so I don't think that budgeting will go too well, but running tights are a MUST right now.

So in conclusion when in recovery make sure you marry a masseuse, rest and keep credit cards/sharp objects away from you. It is reverse taper where everyone rubs you the wrong way and deserves a sharp "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" as you walk around in a delirium that makes you feel as loopy as the Chesire Cat.