Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Signs of Taper

ARGH Taper is in full swing here and well I am not coping well... Here are the symptoms of taper in my world:

1) Mood swings... Worse then PMS is the marathon mood swing. You can go from grouchy willing to attack anyone who dares look at you to euphorically happy in the matter of seconds. People begin to tread lightly around you and look at you like you're a fire breathing dragon (and at times you are!)

2) Cravings... Oh the cravings again no hormones have a match on the taper cravings. I have ate mashed potatoes (the REAL ones), cereal, cheese and chips like CRAZY this week. This is odd because I HATE cheese, usually don't gorge on chips and rarely have mashed potatoes outside of the holiday season. The taper body wants what it wants though.

3) Dreams... Yes you begin to dream of the marathon, what it will be like and what will it look like. Your world is now consumed by the marathon. The mythical beast you are going after.

4) Running... You realize how crazy you have become when a previously fast pace now feels easy because you're only going 4 miles. You run 10 miles and realize you just got warmed up and now its over! Reflect on these runs how just a few months ago these were not easy runs. Now 8 is an easy day and this 4 mile is a temptress of better things to come

5) Injuries... Real or fake I am not completely sure. I now am the proud owner of a sore, throbbing black toenail and phantom pains. I am refusing to believe they are real, but merely the byproduct of a mind that is not properly tired.

6) Highs... You begin to look for new ways to get endorphins maybe driving too fast *cough cough* or food, but somehow you MUST get those endorphins and 4 miles is just not far enough to produce them in the quantity you are used to!

7) Money... HIDE THE CREDIT CARDS!! Whatever you do hide them. With all of this free time on your hands and inability to think straight money will be spent at alarming rates. Lululemon online will become your friend as will all of the race sites. All of a sudden money is no object. REMEMBER you are NOT in your right mind and can not be held responsible for the large bill you are racking up, it is merely taper talking!

These are seven signs of taper. Do you have more to add to my little list?

I am off to preform toenail surgery and hoping it doesn't ruin my marathon... and that the weather won't ruin my marathon... or the phantom pains... and what will I wear since it's going to be hotter?

See the taper mind is not a sane one.

Taper mind also has time to scroll through all 51 hottest bachelors... Mr Arizona should appeal to the athletic types ;)


  1. Gosh, I totally get this post! My husband is tapering and I'll start in two weeks. I usually have all kinds of weird things happen. So far, my husband has been away on business and I"m so glad. I think he's probably going crazy right now! He's been so hyper lately! Hang in there!
    When and where are you racing?

  2. KC on Saturday?!?!? I will be there cheering you on! I am a course monitor--good luck!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sending those encouraging words!

    Tapers are hard, but you can make. Only a few days now!

  3. Found you through Tall Mom - good luck on your marathon! I just finished my first in Victoria, BC on Sunday and it's something you have to do to really "get it"! Have a great time and I can't wait to read your report! :)

  4. hahaha I hear ya on all of the above. Tapering is 0 fun.. I tend to sign up for more marathons! Hahahhaha Love the hottest bachelors!!!!

    Thanks for the note and sorry I missed you at Omaha. you'll be a Marathon Maniac Diva in no time! GOOD LUCK!!!!!