Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Things Thursday- Recovery Edition

As a new marathoner I had NO idea how to properly recover from this marathon. I went into this blissfully unaware of the soreness that could erupt from running over 26 miles. I avoided showering until 4 the day after because there were 15 stairs separating me from the shower. Trust me I felt EVERY one of them. I have now learned things from this and here are three pearls of wisdom for you.

1) Massage. Don't be tough, schedule the massage. I was naively thinking that I had little soreness during training so I wouldn't need one the Monday after. Let me tell you I was calling near tears wanting a massage for my hamstring knot the size of Alaska. If you can not afford a massage, go to a school, if not then dump your significant other and marry one. Trust me in the end you made the right decision. I am in fact looking for a personal masseuse to follow me around, I would like another rub down like um now.

2) Respect your body. I am a tough girl who does not like admitting defeat or that I need rest. I stupidly ran 2 days afterwards. I proceeded to run again the next morning. I am still sore with something going on in my low back/glute area. I do recommend more rest than I gave myself, but I did do 5 miles on a perfect fall evening tonight and feel OK. I am definitely going to take it easier this week than originally planned. I suggest ya'all do the same. In fact, I'm going to try trail running this weekend to give my body a break from the asphalt.

3) Watch the credit card. I am currently sitting her debating signing up for an ultra despite never trail running, a half marathon in December or a full marathon in December. I am not sure what I am going to do next, but I do know I need to budget a bit more wisely. I am going shopping at Lululemon tomorrow so I don't think that budgeting will go too well, but running tights are a MUST right now.

So in conclusion when in recovery make sure you marry a masseuse, rest and keep credit cards/sharp objects away from you. It is reverse taper where everyone rubs you the wrong way and deserves a sharp "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" as you walk around in a delirium that makes you feel as loopy as the Chesire Cat.

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  1. So I have been having the hardest time getting to comment on your blog. Determined is my middle name. Totally my issue for some reason just wouldn't take.

    But wanted to say that you are so right on this post! I used to get just 1 massage, now I get one before AND after. Total difference! Especially when one (like me) gets up in age.
    2- I had to actually lower my credit limit on my cards. I would easily do a half marathon each weekend if I could! Now I try to do only 2 a month..but I still run a 5k each weekend. I am so addicted!

    Total congrats! Will be stalking your blog!

    Diana -