Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gone Veggie!!

This semester may kill me, I am exhausted constantly. Why? Because 18 hours is HARD. Especially when you put projects off until the end of the semester. 5 more weeks though and I'll be a college graduate with no plans for the future :) Not ideal seeing as you know I live at home, but what do ya do?

So after my first marathon I decided I needed to get healthy. I was tired of eating poor furry, feathery creatures out of convenience. I have watched Food Inc. I don't like where our food system in this country has gone. I wish I could eat all organic and or local, but unfortunately I'm living on my parent's dime and they are not as committed to it as am. As it is though, I eat the bulk of my food organic and whole.

I was also tired of eating junk. I have successfully not eaten sugar for a week and vegetarian for one or two. I was vegetarian for MANY years and vegan for maybe 6-8 months last year? The problem is I am TIRED of peanut butter. I know there are plenty of other options, but peanut butter is just the easiest and most convenient thing to eat! What suggestions do you have for something quick, easy and not too high in calorie to eat on the go? Being a college student I have days where I am NOT home, so I'm literally grabbing and going! I don't want to go back to meet, but I have to admit grabbing a hunk of meat (gross words there) was a lot easier sometimes!

Running is going OK. I have decided I want to rest up until after the first of year which means focus on weights, swimming and enjoying myself then go for a BQ! Yes, that would mean a 26 minute PR, but surely I can do it?

What spring races are good for a BQ? I am debating Lincoln right now just because it's flat, but it is in May so could be hot which spells DISASTER for me.

It's BQ or bust in the spring. Summer I'm hoping to finally try a triathlon. I want to cross off some major life goals next year. I just found out some scary news about a friend and all I can say is Carpe Diem, you only get one life, live it to its fullest. Even the most unathletic can accomplish goals with enough hard work and dedication!

What do you want to accomplish in the next 6 months, year?

What do you vegetarians eat on the go? Help me please!

Peace, Love, Good Runs!


  1. I have my first 1/2 marathon in 12 days! that's my goal at the moment. I would like to run another and beat whatever time I run. I would also like to stop drinking cokes...I can't help it -- they're just so good lol

  2. Speaking of Coke. I gave up Diet Coke twice and I would STILL love one! It is my favorite thing on a bad day, but I won't touch it since I know it was the hardest thing to quit that I've ever tried to!

  3. You should try making some healthy vegan cookies, or bars at home. You can make a big batch and then grab some when you're on the run.

    I know lots of great blogs with these recipes:

    My own: littlehealthmonster.blogspot.com
    - ohsheglows.com
    - chiaseedme.com

  4. OF COURSE YOU CAN! You've got a BQ in the bag. :)

    I loved instant oatmeal and popcorn in college. I'd steal (I mean ask nicely) a paper coffee cup and hot water from the convenience store and mix up a nice little cup of 150 cal rib-sticking goodness between classes.

  5. I've newly found your blog and I am loving it. While I am not a vegeterian I do happen to make food knowledge my top priority. I love the above recommendation of oatmeal, its freat any time of the day. I also like to make a large batch of homemade hummus and have washed black beans ready. Then I just grab some whole grain bread, with hummus, black beans and feta....yummy. I also love greek yogurt, the extra protein really helps keep me full when I eat it with fruit. And nuts are a go-to. Almonds, peanuts,walnuts, any of them. If you are very organized in the mornings making salads with beans, cheese and lots of veggies is always tasty.

  6. God love ya for going for the BQ. I'm scared to death to even put the words out there. LOL!

    I do like meat, but I hear tofu is good and so is soy.