Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have had writers block, a running slump and a crazy last week! End of the semester yields little time for much else.

Last week was NO sleep and bad runs :/ I drove 3 plus hours one way for a job interview, drove back at 6 the next day, went to class, went to a concert that night. I danced a little too hard and WAS sore, but was the concert ever good!! I love Miranda and Eric Church :)

I had not gone out in a long time so this was a welcome night out even if it left me completely drained for days. I slogged through runs at 9:40s or higher which is uncharacteristic of me until Saturday when I ran 8 miles and put on PJs for the rest of the day. This is what I did all day.

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Ramona and Beezus was REALLY good, Charlie St Cloud you can't go wrong it's Zac!! And Nebraska Football was the sorriest excuse for football I'd seen in a while. Argh!

I am praying I get my running mojo back soon. There is nothing wrong with 9:40s or higher, but it is so uncharacteristic of me. I am usually in the 915-930 and these higher numbers are really bringing me down and burning me out.

I would like a few things from readers if possible ;) I would like to know what I can do now to help me get to a BQ in May and or any Triathlon beginner plans? I am also wanting to embark on this sooner rather then later. Maybe that would be the mental break I need? Until then I will keep running through my slump, riding horses and lifting which is bringing unrealized joy :D

Love you all and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. I'm working through a whole series of posts chock full of Triathlon advice. I'm not too far in yet, so just email me if you have any questions (

    As far as brining down your marathon time to get that Boston Qual, faster training = faster racing. Try throwing in a few tempo runs and striders. Make 8:00 pace the goal, that way 8:34 won't be a big deal come race day!

    Call me captain obvious, but I find listening to really fast paced music and visualizing the race helps me go train faster as well. If you feel safe running with an mp3 player, you should definitely give it a try!

    Good luck!