Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter Running Gear

Oh yes it has gotten COLD here in the Midwest. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 20s when I run :( I despise the heat, but I don't particularly enjoy the cold either, can't we just have nice temperate weather? Oh well I am just grateful I get to see the changing seasons! I've also seen Bambi and his parents on a run recently which was too much fun!

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So what do we do in this blustery cold to stay warm? Despite many attempts to eat my way into enough body fat to stay warm, I have admitted defeat and must defer to warmer clothes.

My biggest problem was PANTS. Running tights have been too tight around the ankle making my foot go tingly and numb... Um not a good idea when you run in the dark....stumbling... on shoulders with pot holes. Ya kinda need your feet right? So enter the ultimate running tight.

These tights are amazing. They zip at the bottom meaning that you can roll them up should you warm up and you can control the tightness. They have a drawstring so no falling down around the ankle issues either. They are soft and warm. I am asking for another pair or two for Christmas because they are all I'll wear now. Also they are not 100 dollars which fits well in my college budget. They are still pricy, but far from what the other tights out there are running.

I bought this shirt on a whim. I loved the color, it was super soft. I fell in love (as I do with everything in Lucy!). It is a great shirt for mid-weather. I wouldn't say it is the warmest shirt I own, but I still really like it. I wouldn't wear it below freezing, but in those in between days this is perfect.

This is my FAVORITE hoody! I bought it last year and wanted to buy them in every color. It is REALLY warm. I ran all last winter in sub zero with just this, an Under Armour cold gear shirt and a vest. No coat needed with this hoody! It is WARM. Truly, the best $50 you will ever spend. I wore this from football games to running and was never cold. So if you live in the icy Midwest this is a must buy. Again this is expensive, but in the grand scheme of workout clothes (cough Lululemon cough), it isn't that bad plus you will fall so in love with it you may never take it off!

Now, I usually layer these with either a reversible Under Armour long sleeve shirt or I put on a cold gear one. They are pretty generic and everyone knows them so I won't link to them. Nike makes something similar, I just prefer Under Armour. I also have an Under Armour Ninja Hood and gloves that I am in LOVE with. The hood is hard to breathe in, but to still have a nose when it is all said it done is a good thing! The gloves are running gloves, polarfleece and contain a pocket for your key. Yes, I love Under Armour and think I should be sponsored by them ;)!

Now guys NO excuses, you have the gear to stay warm despite the blustery weather. You CAN run this winter even if it is cold and icy. You are STRONG, you are a RUNNER! And if worse comes to worse try what my ultra marathon friend does and drink pumpkin spice lattes while running ;) He claims it will keep you warm all night.

And if you need even further motivation sign up for the Bootie Buster Challenge!


  1. Thanks for the info about the tights! I wish I had extra money to buy some cold weather running gear but unfortunatley I don't. I am asking Santa for a few items for Christmas, though! :)

  2. It doesn't get QUITE that cold here in Central FL BUT tomorrow it's going to be 45 when I start running...that's REALLY cold for me!
    I LOVE the under armour hoody!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! This will be the first year I try running in the cold and wet. If it was snow I could handle it, but I hatehatehate the rain. I love my UnderArmour running gloves. Your reviews are very helpful for deciding what to invest in. =)