Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Golden Rule

HI GUYS!! Recovery yea never happened ;) Did 20 on Sunday was a bit rough and SLOW, but I finished and that was what is it important. It was a MUCH rougher course than I am used to running, but when a friend is in need I must answer. I try to live by the golden rule. I knew that if I was doing 20 I would want a friend to go out and do it with me. This is her first marathon and was her first 20. She said she could do it alone, but I knew that 20 miles was HARD to do alone. I never would have made it through without my amazing running partner. I wanted to give her the same treatment.

I will say we both were off on math and finished over a mile away from the house. We both thought about sobbing on the street corner, but after a creepy guy in a pick up truck blew us a kiss, we trudged on. We knew we couldn't outrun anyone, but we dang sure could out hobble ;) Luckily, her friend drove by and took us back to the house. I don't know about ya'all, but all of a sudden hitch hiking looks like a good idea, asking for a cell phone ANYTHING looks good because you don't want to walk that far UPHILL after running 20 miles UPHILL. Luckily, we finished none the worse for wear and I was happy I could help her even if I was dying myself (although I tried to not let it show!).

My next race is the White Rock Half in Dallas. I have family there and lived there all summer. It is HIGH time I get back to see everyone! I debated the marathon, but in my heart I know that I couldn't give it everything. My body is not quite ready for that distance again and that is OK. I would like to do it again to prove I could, but that is a bad reason. I want to enjoy my time with my family eat a Twisted Root burger and just chill out right before Finals.

And yes I am in fact coming back the day of my hardest final. Do I think that this weekend will help me pass? Probably not, but life is too short right. Carpe Diem!

This week I will do a gear review of the goodies I found at the KC expo, the new running tights I bought and LOVE and am trying to do creative budgeting to buy another pair. I will also talk about why I am going back to being a vegetarian. Last week was INSANE. This week is GOOD meaning more posts for you!

So guys the golden rule do you live by it?
And what is one positive thing about the day? I got to run with people I hadn't run with in a while and got to hear about one friend winning the female division of her FIRST ultra on Sunday!

We did that exercise last night at Girls on Track Practice... It was a struggle, but they could immediately think of something negative. This is a direct indication that we need to change how we look at life. Even a bad day has sunshine!


  1. I am so inspired by your story -- I found your blog through Skinny Runner's. I am training for my first 1/2 marathon that I will run in 20 days! EEP!
    Positive thing: My brother in law and his girlfriend are coming over for dinner and I am voting! YAY!

  2. You will do GREAT! The half is such a fun distance and honestly with a positive attitude you can do ANYTHING. I truly believe this (and no I'm not one of those obnoxious positive people, but am working on being one of those obnoxious positive people :) ).

  3. oooh i am doing the half in dallas as well...just coming off of chicago marathon a few weeks ago.

    nice blog!

  4. Just found you from skinnyrunner.com. I'm like you - never thought I'd be a "runner" or "athlete" so I was interested in reading more about you! Good luck on your next half! I'm training for my first marathon and am excited/nervous/anxious! :)

  5. Good luck at the Half! :o) And that was awesome of you to run with your friend...wish I had a friend like you!!

  6. Hi lady! Skinnyrunner sent me over from her cat lady blogs. I am also a previously unathletic girl who discovered running and now can't live without it. Good luck at the half!